Sugar Detox: Days 4 and 5

22 Jan
Seltzer water takes some getting used to, but it keeps my from reaching for diet soda.

Seltzer water takes some getting used to, but it keeps my from reaching for diet soda.

Day 4:

Let’s just call Day 4 Rachel Vs. Phil’s Apple Fritter. I must admit, abstaining from sugar and processed foods is getting increasing more difficult as the days go on. I’m sure a large part of it is just because old habits die hard.

I had an incident on Day 4… I was trying to kill sometime at work, so I stopped by my friend, Phil’s desk to pay a visit and talk shop. He had an apple fritter torn to shreds on a napkin sitting on his desk. I immediately went into a trance-like state and almost grabbed a piece a stuffed it in my mouth. I wasn’t even thinking that I was actually contemplating grabbing someone’s food without asking like a barbarian. All I could concentrate on was the slightly hardened white glaze that sat on top of the doughnut. I seriously almost punched Phil (Sorry, man!)  and ran away with his fritter. Seriously, I wouldn’t have to punch him for a piece of his fritter. Phil is a generous, kind but evil man and he did offer me a piece. I had to tell him that I am avoiding sugar for the next 30 days and he wished me the best of luck. He really had no idea of the internal struggles I was facing involving his apple fritter.

After the fritter incident, I developed a headache which lasted me the rest of the evening. I am wondering if it was related to sugar withdrawal. Despite being under the weather, I still managed to make cook a healthy dinner of salmon, sweet potatoes and spinach. I also made it through a spin class. I figured a crappy workout is better than no workout at all.

Day 5:

I managed to make it through day 5 without any issues. My sugar cravings have subsided a little but I do notice that I am at my weakest moments when I get home from work around 5pm and after dinner around 8:30pm. I picked up some dates to satisfy the sweet cravings. I was also thinking about making some Lara bars. Have you ever tried that?

Healthy Lifestyle Changes
I recently read an article about 4 reasons you aren’t losing weight on One of the reasons is “You eat nut butter out on the jar.” I am totally guilty of this sin! A serving of peanut butter has about 200 calories!  I am making a promise to myself to no longer eat nut butter directly from the jar. Those containers are solely for knives and measuring spoons!

Sugar Detox: Days 2 and 3

20 Jan
Family exercise day! Everyone is susceptible to winter weight gain.

Family exercise day! Everyone is susceptible to winter weight gain.

Sugar Detox: Days 2 and 3

I didn’t find my sugar cravings too intense the past two days. I managed to hang in there and stick to my healthy meal plan. When I wanted something sweet, I had a clementine. It was kind of a downer, but I feel like that is just my body and my mind getting over my sugar addiction.

I notice my most intense sugar cravings sneak up on me around 9pm when I am settling in watching television. I just get the urge to snack on something… something sweet in particular. Last night, I really really wanted to grab a few chocolate chips on my way to bed, but I managed to control myself. Instead, I had a cup of sleepy time tea and went to sleep slightly disappointed. Is it a coincidence that my body was craving sweet, milky, sugary chocolate about the time my head was about to hit the pillow? I have heard that your body craves simple carbohydrates when it is tired because they will help keep you awake. Knowing that kind of armed me into making a better decision in going for the tea.

Besides my sugar detox, I am trying to make other changes to make a healthy lifestyle more sustainable.

Here are the changes that I’ve made thus far…

1. You can actually see my kitchen table.
This weekend, I made it my mission to remove all the crap from my table. I hear you are supposed to use those things for eating dinner. I have yet to do so, but hopefully I will do so soon in order to discourage myself from mindlessly eating in front of the television.

2. I bought a ton of tea!
I am trying to get out of the habit of reaching for a handful of delicious milk chocolate chips after dinner. I am going to try to combat the urge and satisfy the cravings with tea…. Just to cover all my bases, I got a variety of flavors… Green, Sleepy Time, Vanilla and Caramel.

Cheers to day 2 & 3!

Sugar Detox: Day 1

18 Jan

Ahhhhhhhh, I’m addicted to sugar. It’s true. I crave it when I’m sleepy, when I’m having a bad day and when I’m in the mood to celebrate. I can’t think of anything I would rather have right now than a soft, gooey chocolate chip cookie. Cookies are my favorite thing in the entire world. Heck, Cookie Monster has always been my favorite character on “Sesame Street.” My favorite ornament on my Christmas tree is that lovable blue Muppet holding a big jar of cookies. My sister and I used to argue every year over who got to place that ornament on the true. Seriously, it was no coincidence that the big C-Monster was my favorite.

I was a very picky eater as a child. I had this weird thing where I was afraid to eat certain foods in fear of choking. I also wasn’t a fan of canned green beans or other canned veggies, which were a staple in my home. However, cookies, cupcakes and brownies were always on the up and up. Whether they were made by those little devils – The Keebler Elves, Little Debbie, Drakes or made with love by my mama, confections have always been my weakness and my crutch.

You can just call me the devil because I even try to push the sweet stuff onto others. I happen to be a pretty solid baker and anytime someone is going through something, happy or sad, I whip up a batch of cake pops to commemorate the occasion. No matter what your dietary deal is — vegan, diabetic, paleo, gluten free — I have found a way to give you some of that sweet goodness. No worries, I got your back.

Deep down inside, I knew that my sugar addiction was getting the best of me. I was not advancing in the fitness department despite the hundreds of horrible burpees I was reluctantly executing. If you have ever done a burpee before, you know that you don’t want to do those things and yield no benefits. They are awful! Why am I putting myself through all of this and seeing no results?! Not to mention, someday, I want to go shopping and not think, “ug, I guess this will do,” in the damn dressing room!

I have also read the white stuff can make you tired and put you in a state of mental fog. Sometimes, I feel like the oldest 31 year old on the planet! I wake up at 7 a.m. and I’m tired by 9:00 p.m.! I survive on caffeine and I can’t concentrate to save my life. This is not the best Rachel that I can be and I want to make it right. However, this isn’t just about me.

I can see the guilty look in my friend’s eyes when I give them delicious treats. They too are wrestling with their inner sweet demons…. Should I just say “what the hell and stuff my face?” — a feeling with which I am well acquainted. I don’t want to be the evil friend, daughter or sister responsible with sabotaging everyone’s efforts in achieving a healthier lifestyle. I want to be the supportive, kick-ass friend.

For all these reasons, I have decided to kick SUGAR for 30 days and see what happens. I am not really one for white bread and pasta, this is mainly and attempt to kick my cupcake, brownie, cookie, cake pop, sweet bread, cake, candy habit. I’ll be checking my sauces, salad dressing and anything else that I am putting in this old bod.

Luckily, I drink my coffee black, so that won’t be too much of a change. I’m sure I’ll be feeling it on a Monday after work around 5 p.m. when I just need to escape from the daily annoyances of life. You know, when you just need that little kick of endorphins.

Anywho… I managed to make it through a complete 24 hours without reaching for the good stuff. Here’s how my day went.

Day 1:

Honestly, day 1 of my sugar detox wasn’t so horrible. I had my own “Fat Tuesday” of sorts the evening before (but it was actually on a Friday) where I ate funfetti cake with chocolate frosting, brownies hiding fun-sized peanut butter cups and an amazing vegan blondie. Nachos and Pizza may or may not have been invited to this party as well. Lucky for me, I kind of felt like garbage from eating so much crap and this made getting through the day a little easier. The thought of putting more sugar into my body was kind of revolting.

For breakfast, I had eggs, Ezekial bread and an orange which actually kept me feeling satisfied until lunch, where there was a chance for temptation. I was invited to a local restaurant to celebrate my friend, Deb’s birthday. I think I picked a wise option for my meal, going with the grilled salmon and a side salad, no dressing. But it was the after lunch treat that was the real kicker!

Look at this beautiful, delicious cake for my friend's birthday that I managed to resist .

Look at this beautiful, delicious cake for my friend’s birthday that I managed to resist .

Her awesome daughter brought this beautiful cake to celebrate! Look at all the amazing frosting…. Frosting happens to be my weakness. All I wanted was a corner piece (it has the most frosting) to stuff inside my mouth! However, I managed to politely decline and everyone was very understanding and respectful of my decision.

I think social occasions are the areas that really test your willpower, because it isn’t really about the cake or the pizza. It is about the social interaction. You might not even want the actually temptation. You might just not want to deal with people nagging you about the choices you make. Rest assure, if someone is giving you a hard time for making a healthy decision, it is because he or she is secretly jealous of your awesome powers! Stay strong with that thought!

After being faced with the cake dilemma, the rest of the night went off without any problems. I made it to the gym for a little HIIT workout, drank my protein shake loaded with berries and settled in with a salad and some swordfish for dinner.

I made it through Sugar Detox Day 1! Keeping my fingers crossed for Day 2.

Has anyone done this before? I’d love to hear your stories. =)

The End Of My Three Bean Chili

30 Sep



Well, my chili has reached the end of the road. That one batch fed my boyfriend and I for three whole days! This meal is a total bang for your buck. It is full of veggies and black beans. It is naturally vegan and gluten free!

I posted a link to the recipe on on Monday. You seriously need to try this.

I also had a green side salad to get more veggies in for the day. =)

Start Your Day With A Cup Of Spicy Lemon Tea

30 Sep

One thing that I learned from Kris Carr’s Crazy Sexy Diet is there are a few manageable things we can all do everyday to help prevent cancer and diseases.  Drinking lemon tea every morning when you wake up is just one of those things.  All you have to do is add a little fresh lemon juice to a glass of warm water.  Add a little cayenne pepper for a little kick. I know, the pepper sounds strange, but it is strangely good.

The purpose of the morning spicy lemon tea is to detoxify the liver and start your circulatory system for the day.  Hey, why not!  Just one cup of tea a day.  Give it a try!

Following my spicy lemon tea, I had 2 whole wheat waffles with a little almond butter and a teaspoon of local honey.  Don’t forget, local honey helps with seasonal allergies!  It also makes a great face mask annnnnnnd….  You can use it as cough syrup!  What a multi-tasker.

I also had an organic plum.


Awesome Three Bean Chili!

29 Sep

This evening I tried a new class at my gym, The Hollywood Workout.  Doesn’t is just sound awesome!  It was.  And holy crap, it was really tough.  It was an interval class with sculpting.  We used stability balls, body bars, weights and steps.  Every part of my body feels like jello right now!!  I really love this class.  I don’t think I will get bored.  For a while I was taking a Body Pump class and I just lost my desire to go.  It was boring for me to do the same thing every class.  Some people like routine and Body Pump would be the perfect class.  I like spontaneity and I am totally into The Hollywood Workout!

After class I had my favorite meal in the world… Three-Bean Vegetarian Chili!  This meAal is filling, thick and full of vegetable and vitamins!  This dinner goodness for only 270 calories!!!  I also love making this because you can have it all week.  Cook your chili on a Sunday when you have a little more time and you can heat it up quickly all week!

I had my chili with a little RF cheese, a few baked blue chips and 1/4 of an avocado!  Awesome!

Today, my job held a cookout for Employee Appreciation Day!  It was a really nice thing to do and they fed us! =)  They even got veggie burgers for us vegetarians!

I had a Garden Burger in a whole wheat bun with a little ketchup.  I also had some veggies and a few Doritos!  I really didn’t want to have the Doritos, but they looked sooooooooooo good!

I was also confronted with an amazing looking cake… which I turned down!  That was so difficult.  The frosting was thick and blue and calling my name!  I just thought about my skinny jeans, the skinny jeans I would actually never wear even if I looked good in them.

Missing snacks include one giant organic plum and a small bowl of air popped popcorn!

Chia Fruit Smoothie & Thoughts On Biggest Loser

28 Sep

Good morning everyone.

I finally broke into my new bag of chia seeds!  They are a pretty fun addition to a smoothie or oatmeal.  They don’t really have a taste, but they have a slight crunch that isn’t overpower.

I made my smoothie with 1/2 a banana, 1/2 frozen berries, 1 cup unsweetened almond milk, 1 teaspoon chia seeds and 1/2 packet of stevia.  I also had bowl of bran flakes to keep me full.

Did anyone watch the Biggest Loser last night?  If you didn’t and you plan to don’t read any further!!!

Okay, so I was very uncomfortable during the donut challenge when Boston Johnny was making all kinds of crazy sexy noises!  Ha ha.  Alli couldn’t even hold it together.  It was hilarious.

And Anna K. really needs to step her game up.  She is so cute and sweet but all of her contestants are going to go home.  She really needs to start yelling at them to get back on the machines.  I know she is training older people, but she needs to push them a little harder.  I really don’t want her to go home.

What did you guys think about last nights episode?

My Vegtastic Lunch

23 Sep

I am a lady of my word.  In keeping with my promise of eating more veggies, I decided to order lunch from No Problemo, the best place ever!!!!!!!!!!!!  Did you just see all those exclamation points?  That’s how much I mean that statement. =)

I ordered a Spinach Salad which consists of black beans, spinach, roasted red peppers and tons of fresh salsa.  I added a little freshly mad guacamole and a small drizzle of lime cilantro dressing.  It was a very happy, filling Friday lunch.

I also had a nectarine at my desk.  It was screaming my name and I just had to have it. =)

This evening, I am attempting to make a vegan ice cream cake….  Not just a plan ice cream cake…  I want to make this like the Carvel Ice Cream Cake with the little chocolate jimmies on the inside.  It is for a birthday party and this must be a successful mission!  I am just not so sure about the frosting.

A Vow For More Veggies

23 Sep

Yesterday, I was reading a segment in my yoga journal by Kris Carr, a woman diagnosed with terminal cancer about 10 years ago.  The doctor’s told her that her tumors were inoperable and there was nothing they could do for her.  Carr wouldn’t accept her death sentence and she worked with natural doctors to find a plan that would help her.  Together, they came up with a system of eating foods that naturally balance the pH level in the body and her cancer has not grown in years.  Isn’t that amazing?

If you are interested in her approach and her story read Crazy Sexy Diet.  Granted her eating routine is hardcore, but they told her she had terminal cancer!  I think everyone can take away a few things from this book.  Everyone can benefit from eating more fruits and veggies.  Why not give it a looksie!!!

Not too mention…  maybe you have loved one with cancer.  I think anything is worth a shot.  I really am a firm believer that food can be used as medicine and you should try your hardest to put the best substances into your body for nourishment.  Love your body the way you would love your child.  People have a tendency to take of other people more than themselves.  It is time to think about you!

This morning I had an egg white omlet with fresh salsa and RF cheddar cheese.  I also had a sprouted grain english muffin with a little bit of raspberry jelly.

Crossfit Workout & Easy Breakfast

22 Sep

Has anyone checked out the new issue of Self magazine?  It happens to be pretty awesome.

There is a meal plan to help prevent cancers!  I love that people can use food as medicine.  It should be nourishment and wholesome.  I really like this plan too!  It is full of veggies and fruits.  There isn’t too much dairy or meat (which I would avoid anyway).  The best part about this plan is there is very few processed foods!  That is something to celebrate!

This issue also contains a pretty cool interview with Lauren Graham.  Come on, who doesn’t love Lorili Gilmore!!!!

My favorite part about this issue is the Crossfit Workout.  I have heard of this work out, but there aren’t any Crossfit gyms in Southeastern Mass. =(  I am really excited that Self is giving me a sample workout!  Holy cow, this is tough.  It took me about a half an hour.  The best part about this is you can do it at your house.  Check it out!

Self”s Crossfit Workout

After my workout this morning I needed a fast easy breakfast.  I chose some bran flakes with unsweetened coconut milk, half a banana and some almonds.  I totally forgot that I bought chia seeds yesterday for my cereal.  Have you tried them yet?  They are nature’s new super food!

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